We want to share the elegance of our equine partners with you for your special day! Our draft horses are all befitting of their common description… ”Gentle giants”. They posses character and elegance that shows in their self pride as they make a grand entrance.
About Us
Our wedding carriage is white with a rich deep burgundy interior and can seat 4-6 guests. The top can be put down as a convertible or left up to protect it’s passengers from the sun. The wagon is classy with a fringed top and seats for 10-12 adults. It is a superb choice for corporate events, cookouts, western weddings or any other occasion when you want to add a fun element. In addition, both the carriage and wagon are new and made with safety and stability in mind, with full undercut wheels. Our horses are safe in the country or the city and are not bothered by traffic.
All services can be customized to suit your needs. Our pricing is fair and we will be happy to speak with you about all aspects of your occasion.

Providing high quality horse drawn carriage service with customized details is what we provide! Carolina Weddings and Wagons take extreme pride in our fabulous horses.
We have Shires and Belgian horses. All of them are lovely, and chosen for their experience and great attitude.
Contact Us for more information and to get a quote for your next event.
Events & Private Parties
Making a statement is what our presence will do for your next event, private party or corporate event! We can accomodate up to 12 adults in our large wagon. It has a surrey (fringed) top and looks authentic to another era. Our horses are Shires and are carefully chosen for their manners and beauty.

The uses for our wagons and carriages are endless. We are here to help you make the party fit your personal needs and preferences. If you can think it, we will make it happen. We will also work with advertising and modeling agencies and movie studios.